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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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returns. misty, there's a lot of moisture hanging in the air that's why we are cloudy and with some patchy fog, temperatures mild because of that mid to upper 50s. towards the afternoon hours visibility that is three miles in novato and four at livermore will turn into almost unlimited partly cloudy upper 50s at the coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. good right now, san mateo bridge light towards peninsula from the east bay 92 westbound looking really good a little slow traffic towards the highrise coming off the san mateo bridge, very light towards hayward side of things. san jose northbound 280 past 17 junction at the limit, headlights snaking towards cupertino northbound 280 no problems. a look at your waze app this is 580 out of the central valley westbound, earlier accident at airway in
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livermore, moderate considering that accident now in the median westbound. you will find a bit of slowing from grant line and tracy up and over the altamont to the scene of the accident then things pick up to the dublin pleasanton interchange. developing traffic-related news from san francisco on-ramp to bay bridge closed after a car crashed into a nearby fire hydrant. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: see the broken scaffolding behind me? that is what police are worried about that's why they've closed this on-ramp, because of the chance this scaffolding could fall and land on a car. you cannot get on to the bay bridge here at second and -- and folsom. earlier water was gushing out of the hydrant spraying water all over this intersection. police say a suspected drunk driver ran moot hydrant and the scaffolding.
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this -- this happened before 4:00 this morning. police did take the driver into custody he's in jail now. the scaffolding company son the way to repair this. -- company is on the way out here to repair this. they don't know when they will open this back up, stay with abc7 news for updates on this developing story. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also developing news from contra costa county, the sheriff's department is investigating a homicide. it happened last night pleasant hill near 680 and concord avenue where we find terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: the body was found last evening across concord avenue from where i'm stage near the 680 northbound on-ramp. you can see shopping carts, hopeless area there, another one under the over pass as
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well don't know go that has anything to do with this homicide investigation underway pictures from last night a lot of deputies this area concord and 680 north they are looking for clues, anything that could lead 'em to resolution of the matter we have been trying all morning to get ahold of the spokesperson for the contra costa county sheriff's department, been unable to do so what we know it was adult found here last evening and it is being investigated as a homicide. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. major development this morning, oakland is now the first city in the nation to willfully surrender control of its police department to a court appointed director. the city reached a deal yesterday to avoid federal take over of the department. a 2003 lawsuit required the department to make more than 50 reforms that haven't happened. compliance director will now
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oversee the department that person will have power to demote staff or fire the chief. u.s. district court judge will rule whether to approve the deal next thursday. the one billion dollar patent battle between the world's t two sport phone makers resumes today. -- top two sport phone makers resumes today. we'll find out what happens to the price of apple stock when the market opens in the next half hour. it fell $37 a share to close at $538 yesterday. largest single day percentage drop in four years. apple is still way up from the start of the year when it was $411. it did hit $700 at one point.
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if you bought then, you are looking -- traffic and weather together next. san mateo bridge sparse on one side and busy on the other. sue will tell you more about the traffic. mike will tell you more about the forecast. abc7 news goes inside the coliseum to find out how much popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and soda it takes to keep fans filled up. >> yum!
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. welcome back. 6:09. live doppler not showing any organized areas of rain but it is misty outside that's why we saw drops on our cameras. visibilities are improving lowest only six miles per hour livermore. horizontal visibility is good, clouds are so low soap moisture in the air that we are -- so much moisture in the air that we are dealing with low ceilings. winds picking up out of the west, keeping moisture feed in
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and why it is so businessy also going to event actually -- spread the moisture thin enough once the sun comes up that will see slow sun byed into. upper 50s noon, low 60s 4:00 increasing sun, jacket weather by 7:00, upper 40s to low 50s. flip of the switch metering lights on, boom, big back-up at the bay bridge toll, backed past the overcrossing carpool and fastrak lanes the way to go. little sluggish upper deck too san francisco. getting slow out of antioch, typical, hillcrest 242, speeding of 25 miles an hour. fulton at essex police activity has ramp to eastbound about blocked off that will be for some time while that investigation is underway. i had is -- it is -- it is
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raiders day. we'll go inside the coliseum to reveal the huge amount of food it takes to kill fans filled up. >> -- takes to keep fans filled up. --
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good morning. got it all covered with temperatures that are three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday still mild low to mid 50s when you step out now be prepared for the mist and dampness in the air by the around partly cloudy and low to mid 60s could be a few upper 50s along the coast for
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cool spots gets warmer and drier from here on out low 60s mainly sunny tomorrow high clouds and sunshine low to mid 60s saturday, sunny and seasonal mid 60s sunday. 6:13. >> as we've been telling you all morning it is raiders day here. tonight raiders take on manning and broncos up >> capacity 63,000. larry biel shows us that's a lot of people, a lot of mouths to feed. >> reporter: fans will fill the coliseum and root for the silver and black but not on an empty stomach. officials say these fans like to eat, af['q$ lot. >> for every game 400 pounds of popcorn. >> reporter: enough popcorn to cover the entire football field with an inch of -- [ inaudible ] popcorn is not the only munchy
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consumed, 11,500 hot dogs every game, if you line them up end to end, they would strep a mime. hot dogs aren't the biggest seller. it is nachos. over the season, they will make 18,500 pounds. more than 18 tons of chips and jalapenos and hot cheese. all that stadium goodness needs to be washed down with something. >> three thousand plus gallons of soda >> reporter: enough soda to fill a good sized swimming pool. >> that was larry biel reporting. over the course of his career peyton manning has played in oakland only twice, recently in 2010 for a colts victory. broncos are 10 point favorites tonight. a key is avoiding a letdown many >> tough place to play,.
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i know i can tell you more about this division, second time you play -- as a division game, primetime, eye always played there during the day it will be a tough place to play. >> raiders pregame show at 4:00, lincoln kennedy and rob woodson for that. at 5 the coverage of the game begins live. once the game ends, larry, lincoln and will return with after the game. then abc programming: >> i was waiting for larry to tell us how much the nacho cheese sauce will cover. >> i love those. can you believe the sherry has been in the league 14 years and this is second appearance
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to play the raiders. amazing. >> especially with the way they like to mick everything up. >> -- like to mix everything up. mist hangs in the air drizzle falls from the clouds, that's what we have because we had soap rain, visibility is good -- had so much rain, visibility is good. 900 feet clouds develop if you are driving in areas above 900 feet you may have to use wipers otherwise going to be a dry, dry day. live doppler to reinforce the fact that we have mist not drizzle we don't have radar returns on live doppler and we probably won't for the next 10 to 14 days extended period of dry weather coming our way right now dress for temperatures in the low to mid 50s not only here also
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monterey bay more mid to upper 50s milder in your neighborhoods foggy misty, that's how we start end with afternoon sunshine still clouds around but brighter and drier than it has been more fog and cooler tonight mild and dry weekend. here's a look at the clouds covering all of our neighborhoods this morning, winds starting to pick up a little now sun is going to get up there at noon highest angle that will start to take care of some of this fog, that's why we'll have partly cloudy conditions during the afternoon into the evening. temperatures run in the low to mid 60s except the coast upper 50s where the coolest weather will be. monterey bay bay temperatures in the low 60s around the bay and low to mid 60s inland. for the big game, game time forecast, kickoff 5:20 partly cloudy, crazy by 9:00, fans will be but the weather will
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be quiet, 50° dress appropriately. low 60s tomorrow low to mid 60s saturday, mid 60s sunday through wednesday. to an individual traffic crunch later today -- to avoid the traffic crunch, later today bart for the game. 80 westbound past golden gate fields into the berkeley area moving, crowded bunching up by 580 where they merge so being see headlights bunching and thinning out as you make your way towards the berkeley curve and macarthur maze. san rafael out of novato past lucas valley road at the limit headlights towards lung con past civic center clear, no fog and clear to the golden gate bridge with no issues. one problem spot, whipple road on-ramp car flipped into a ditch headed to northbound 880 may be blocking as tow trucks
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try to get that car out. look at your waze app, 580 westbound had an earlier accident at livermore at midway pardon me airway that is now cleared but you can see heavy traffic towards the scene then things pick up when you get to the dublin pleasanton area. this is a free app you can download for your smartphone or android phone, available on your apple app store or google play maneuver your commute this morning or any morning. still ahead, kate middleton walks out of a london hospital overnight. we have new video. consumer alert from 7 on your side. the infant recliner blamed for five deaths. new action just announced by government officials. catch the raiders and broncos tonight here on abc 7. larry biel and sports anchor mike shumann will tweet during the game you can follow them.
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you can also get updates on
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welcome back. doesn't this make you feel better about the morning commute? it won't be raining and your commute won't take three times as long. let's talk about fun. temperatures in the 50s now. as we head into the noon hour when the gates open over at the coliseum, 56°, we start to see sun break out, brighter 3:00 and 58, game time 5:20, partly cloudy and 56, 9:00 still partly cloudy, around 50°. have fun. new morning, the duchess of cambridge has left a london hospital where she was being treated for acute morning
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sickness related to her pregnancy. this is new video of a smiling kate middleton leaving the hospital early this morning. her husband prince william by her side. both smiling politely, flowers i'm sure he got her. the royal couple's office says kate will head to kensington palace she is less than 12 weeks pregnant. the couple is expecting their first child. back on this side of the pond, also new, president obama will visit the home of a middle class family today to make his case for avoiding the fiscal cliff, a northern virginia couple to highlight his push for extending current tax rates for everyone but the top 2%. new associated press poll shows there is clear support for mr. obama's plan in the poll 48% want the tax cuts on incomes exceeding quarter million dollars a year to expire in january while continuing them for everyone
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else. 32% want to renew the tax cuts for everyone. findings seem to strengthen the president's hand in his negotiations >> recall alert for parents from 7 on your side. government is taking action against makers of nap nanny, a portable baby recliner, after five infanned -- five infant deaths. the nap nanny poses risk of injury and death to infants. the commission says it is a dangerous product with a faulty sign. coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, why the makers are refusing to pull its product. this afternoon cal will hold a news conference to introduce the bear's new coach, sonny dykes has hired yesterday to rebill the program he leaves louisiana tech after three seasons. this year -- his bulldogs led the nation in scoring. he runs spread offense expected to bring exciting football to berkeley he has
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previous experience in pac 12 as assistant at arizona. still ahead, same-sex marriage is now legal in yet another state. the long lines in washington early this morning. house fire takes a life in san francisco, the questions investigators are trying to answer. you can see metering lights on at the bay bridge toll, carpool lanes fastrakers streaming into san francisco, relatively light morning compared to yesterday. -- [ inaudible ] ♪
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good morning. 6:29, thursday december 6th. thanks for joining us. you are looking at a live picture of downtown oakland, gorgeous shot, dry, not raining. do have fog out there a little mist, nothing that is going to dampen the spirits for a raiders day here thanks for judge us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric top mass -- clouds -- i'm eric thomas. check out our flight tracker 40 minute delays at sfo. radar showing that it is dry as far as rain falling from these clouds moisture in the air, misty with patchy fog this morning. as we head towards the noon hour we get rid of this mist
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around the bay, partly cloudy to partly sunny, upper 50s partly cloudy brighter 4:00 upper 50s to mid 60s jacket by 7:00, low to mid 50s. fog inland valleys and mist, low to mid 50s by 4:00 upper 50s, back in the upper 40s to low 50s. the coast mist and fog upper 40s to mid 50s partly cloudy sky sunny spots developing mid to upper 50s. good morning. if you are planning on heading to the raider game today is raider day at abc 7, bart great way, gates open noon game oz1 time 5:20. no delays now on bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit good way to go, everybody is on schedule. downtown san francisco folsom at essex street police activity blocking ramp to lower deck at bay bridge eastbound, you want to use the
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bryant street access, whipple road on-ramp to northbound 880 car in a ditch toe track may be partially blocking on rap many -- this is basco road where we have an injury accident with a car into a ditch, slow traffic that yellow line indicating slowing, heavy traffic there download this app to maneuver free on the apple app store and google play. 6:32. we are continuing to follow developing news from san francisco where an on-ramp to the bay bridge still closed after a car crashed into a fire hydrant. amy hollyfield joins us live from near the scene. >> reporter: look behind me, several workers trying to figure out now fix that broken scaffolding that is the problem. they are not opening this on-ramp until it is fixed. they are worried that the
6:32 am
scaffolding could collapse further and land on a car. at least they are not dealing with this. check out this video of gushing water that created a problem here this was before 5:00 this morning. police say suspected drunk driver hit the hydrant sending the water everywhere and he hit the scaffolding and broke it. he is in jail. this on-ramp at second and folsom is closed because of his crash. police are no longer on the scene. they have left this in the hands of the scaffolding company. no sign that it will be opening any time soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also in san francisco, police and arson investigators trying to determine the cause of a deadly house fire this morning. it started around 8:40 last night on st. charles avenue in ingleside heights. an off-duty firefighter
6:33 am
smelled smoke and alerted the department. 40 firefighters arrived, and they discovered the body on the second floor. the fire was contained half an hour later. investigators state flames burned through the garage up to the second floor. developing in oakland. police looking for a woman who struck a lieutenant in a hit-and-run as he crossed the street last night. it happened before midnight on sixth and washington, sources tell abc7 news the lieutenant was in a crosswalk when he was hit he not finished crossing when the light turned green and the woman started through the intersection knocking him on to the hood of her car, he fell to the ground and amazingly suffered only bums and bruises. the woman took -- only bumps and bruises. the took off. you can caesar veil lens cameras -- you can caesar veil lens cameras that could help. breaking news, john mcphee
6:34 am
will be deported to belize after he was an -- john mcafee will be deported to belize he was taken into custody by guatemalan authorities last night after three weeks on the run. abc news spoke with mcafee before he was loaded into a police car. he looks a little different. the former silicon valley software mogul ended guatemala illegally and was hoping for asylum there. he was on the run from belize. mcafee has denied any wrongdoing. washington just became the latest state to allow same-sex couples to marry. couples didn't waste time hundreds waited for hours for the office to open midnight in seattle to start handing out licenses. washington joins eight other states that allow gay and lesbian couples to wed. last month voters approved a measure to legalize same-sex
6:35 am
marriage. also, this morning in washington, pot smokers celebrating the state becoming the first in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana use. midnight they started smoking marijuana at seattle's space needle which breaks part of the new law that forbids lighting up in public the law only allows people to smoke in the privacy of their homes. traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. big day raiders day here, you want to know about game time weather, meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast. golden gate bridge unlike yesterday, dry. a little mist. we'll check in with sue to see how that is affecting traffic. peyton manning brings his broncos to town for raiders day let's hope it turns out better than this for palmer and the silver and black. we'll be right back. good morning! wow.
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welcome back. are you ready for a rain-free commute? here's a look at live doppler, nothing going on just mist in the air, fog, by the afternoon low to mid 60s increasing sun the next three days warmer temperatures all in the mid 60s by sunday. good morning. this is a live look at downtown oakland and 580 on your approach towards the macarthur maze and bay bridge toll. see traffic moving nicely into the tolls no delays there. delays at the tolls, no delays on 580 once you get to the overcrossing, you can see metering lights on at the bay bridge, san mateo bridge glowing in orange right now the traffic is light as you make your way from hayward
6:39 am
towards foster city tail lights headed for the highrise. 6:39. >> trade something underway on wall street. live look at the big board. dow is up 17 points. over the 13,000 mark. we'll check without is happening with jane king live at the new york stock exchange, next. >> reporter: i'm live at ricky's in san leandro after the break i will introduce to you some of these die-hard fans and tell you how raiders have factored into their
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you know what all those neighborhoods have in common? no rain. mist and drizzle, but by noon break in the cloud cover temperatures will warm into the low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods coast may stay longer than the cloud cover upper 50s possible plus west wind bringing cooler air again the coast from out over the ocean. entire state doppler radar dry now temperatures mainly in the mid 50s fresno, los angeles and san diego mid 60s. 40 tahoe, palm springs 80°. we check in now with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good thursday to you both to all of new the bay area. coming up, exclusive, this morning the utah mother who gave her baby up for adoption but didn't tell the father led to a bitter custody battle for the first time she is telling her whole story to abc news it
6:43 am
is next here on "good morning america." business news. apple going to invest in manufacturing -- >> deal on burgers jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. big change for apple, time cook, ceo tells us apple planses to spend more than 100 million dollars next year building mac computers here in the united states and shipping a small -- and shifting a small portion away from china. cook tells us it is apple's responsibility to create jobs he didn't say where in the u.s.. since apple will work with partners and the operates will include more than final assembly, apple manufactured
6:44 am
and assembled many products in the united states until the late 90s. apple shares were down yesterday, dragged the nasdaq lower and down again today, drop in market share and tablets some off the stock price. over all markets look lake this, a little lower. like so many days lately, cautious, as we continue to watch washington. bloomberg index this morning trading down. i know people like deals, there's one that starts today, burger king celebrating the 55th anniversary of the whooper with 55 cent burgers when you purchase any cheaper, it starts today through sunday, it does include the white cheddar and spicy angry whooper. burger king experimenting with home delivery in some parts of the nation. live at the new york stock
6:45 am
exchange, i'm jane king. i'm wondering if you pick up that $4 meat scented body spray at burger king at the same time as when you get the er offer. >> let me think about that -- >> your wife will be getting you that for christmas. >> no, please don't. >> probably in the kids' meals. there's a little spray, different kind -- >> doesn't smell like pizza hut. that's the story pizza hut smelling perfume. >> you can get each other back by getting each other those two things. looks like i have to do some shopping today for both of you. good morning. a little mist, already starting to see clouds break up as west winds are starting to mix out the layer of moisture left from the cold front as we look down from tamalpais this morning, a lot of sunshine once we get
6:46 am
through the cloud cover during the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd, you want to see it today, it is dry. it is reinforcing how little there is out there. there's none in the form of rainfall, definitely mist in the air we have flight arrival delays into sfo. low to mid 50s as you step out, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland foggy, misty during the morning sun in the afternoon. tonight issues with fog a little cooler when you step out and head to work or school tomorrow morning. cloud cover stubborn through the morning commute, once we get to 9:00, breaks and by noon significant breaks in the cloud cover by the afternoon call it partly cloudy even mostly sunny in neighborhoods, maybe a few patches of clouds definitely sunshine going to dominate low to mid 60s for the afternoon upper 50s to low
6:47 am
60s along the coast. monterey bay low 60s, low to mid 60s inland. tailgating begins at noon, 3:00 brighter and 58 after starting off with 56 at noon. 56 partly cloudy skies, end of the game, it will be partly cloudy and 50. most of us will drop if the 50s tonight best chance of significant -- drop in the 50s tonight best chance of significant fog. low 60s mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon, low to mid 60s saturday mid 60s dominate most of our neighborhoods sunday into wednesday. if your travels take you out of novato south 101 beginning to bunch up, will youcus valley road here's the on-ramp to 101 at the -- limit
6:48 am
golden gate fog-free. san jose 280 from downtown past highway 17 interchange up towards cupertino you can see it is slow as you make your way northbound. folsom at essex in san francisco intersection still block, the ramp that goes to eastbound lower deck of the bay bridge due to police activity, you will need use the bryant street access eastbound. whipple road on-ramp blocked with accident in a ditch tow truck on scene northbound 880. your waze app is going to show you highway 4 westbound, hopefully we can get that, there it is, heavy from hillcrest towards loveridge, no stalls or accidents, typical slow commute out of antioch westbound. if you want to download this
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free app to navigate your commute, it is on the apple store and google play. we have breaking news from pleasant hill. the contra costa county sheriff's department has just confirmed a person is in custody in a homicide case. this hop side happened near the intersection of i-680 concord avenue the body of adult was found late last night northbound 680 on-ramp. we are expecting to learn more about the case, coming up later this morning. we shift gears now. as we've been talking all morning it is raiders day as raiders take on broncos tonight. >> kira klapper joins us from ricky's sports bar in san leandro -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: good morning of the game isn't for another 10 hours, you wouldn't know by looking at these die-hard fans
6:50 am
already in their gear this morning some call it gear some call them costumes some call them regalia. a lesson i learned they don't call the stuff on their mace--- on their face make-up, they call it war paint. for some it took two hours that i been together as a family, some for more -- they've been together as a family some for more than 13 years. they gather at the day before and the day of games it has been an institution since 1946. they say this is their home on the other fans are their family. >> love at first sight. >> reporter: you moved up here for him and the raiders. now you are getting married. >> she moved here for the raiders and me. [ laughing ] >> we are a worldwide family who sticks together that's why
6:51 am
we are still out here 100% with the type of record we have. because it is not just about the game, it is about the family and the parking lot and the stadium worldwide. >> reporter: that is dedication. just wanted to let you know how accommodating ricky's has been for us this morning. ricky ricardo and his wife opened at 4 a.m. they usually don't open until 11. they are closing as soon as we are off air, they will be back open at 11 for tonight's 5:00 kickoff. reporting live with my new family, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> wait, i thought ricky ricardo's wife was lucy? larry biel will host raider pregame show, lincoln kennedy and woodson.
6:52 am
at 5 coverage of the game begins live from the coliseum. once the game ends larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game. then it is abc programming: then a special midnight edition of the abc7 news. 6:52 five things to know before you go. >> abc7 morning
6:53 am
good morning. live look the embarcadero you can see a little wind not too much. traffic looking good on the bay bridge not like yesterday when it was wet, slick and dangerous dry now. here are five things to know before you go. number one, car crashed too a fire hydrant has forced
6:54 am
closure of on-ramp to the bay bridge in san francisco, water gushed into the street near second and folsom and may have compromised the stability of nearby scaffolding. number two, authorities moments ago in contra costa county say they have a suspect in custody in connection with a homicide they are investigating in pleasant hill. the body of adult was found last night northbound 680 on-ramp near concord. >> number three, duchess of cambridge is out of the hospital. she is early in her pregnancy has been treated for severe form of morning sickness. she is now resting. >> number four, this afternoon the 49ers new stadium will reach construction milestone. the stadium remains on schedule to open for the 2014
6:55 am
season. >> number five, raiders day here tonight raiders host broncos. watch the nfl network's coverage here. kickoff 5:20. join larry biel, mike shumann, lincoln kennedy and rod woodson for a pregame show starting at 4:00. going to be great, tailgating will start at noon when the gates open, temperature will be in the low 50s, jump up to 56 by 5:20, then back to 50, a little cool by the end of the game, don't worry about wet weather, the mist this morning and the low clouds are going to lift partly cloudy sky this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. low to mid 60s bay, dry and mild low 60s inland. game time 5:20 in the middle of your afternoon
6:56 am
commute expect delays on 880. live look at bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic very slow towards the macarthur maze this is your waze app heading into the antioch or out of antioch area slow traffic first report of a stall at g street on westbound 4 this is a live look at the macarthur maze 580 approaches, slow, 80 sluggish, 880 not bad arrival to the bay bridge. 580 out of the central valley westbound 4 commute and east shore freeway leading into the macarthur maze is about 30 minutes from the carquinez bridge. much better than yesterday. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic duringk
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sickness. but is the duchess really better right now? what does her long road ahead look like? and decisions looming for prince william. does he return to the army? or stay by her side? also, millionaire software titan arrested after three weeks on the run from police. his


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